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Me, and the rest of the republic team, are not only passionate about our online community, but our local community as well.  We feel that everyone, no matter their size, shape, color, age, or disability, should feel special in some way.  The 38,000 Special Olympic athletes in the NC area are not excluded from that statement and should feel just as special.  Help make their special day come true! 


Follow the link below to make a donation now. 


Send Sarah "Over the Edge"


Also, look out for photos and videos tracking my progress as I make the descent!


Our lawyers made us say this:  neither republic wireless nor its parent company has any relationship with the Special Olympics, but both wish to give Sarah and the republic wireless community the opportunity to help the cause.  Sarah will sign an extensive release before going over the edge, which is Sarah's personal frolic (a wonderfully lawyerly term) and not part of her official duties.