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Facebook messages from 32665

tuxson 3 Bar


Recently I have been receiving messages from facebook, from a phone number: 32655 that says " a new unknown device has logged into your Facebook account. If this wasn't authorized, check your email for instructions".

First, I am guessing this message is being sent the spring number since the RW number can't accept messages from short numbers

Second, I have never logged into facebook from my phone, nor I have ever entered my phone details on facebook, so quite obviously these messages are not meant for me.


The question then is, how do I stop these messages? I have tried replying to the text with "Off", but that does nothing. Recently the frequency of these messages has increased. I am not much of a facebook person and i don;t want to give facebook my details.



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    billmeek Ambassador

    Rather than "off", try "STOP" (without the quotes).    Since the messages are being sent to your underlying Sprint number, it likely won't work.


    You may just have to contact Facebook directly in order to get them to stop sending them.

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    bitflung Ambassador

    i suggest opening a ticket and asking if RW can help with this.

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      tuxson 3 Bar

      Next time I receive a text from fb, I'll open a ticket with RW. Trying to explain this complicated situation to fb might be a good suggestion, something I will keep in mind of nothing else works!

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        southpawkb Ambassador

        Hi tuxson,

        It looks like the previous owner of your underlying Sprint number is now accessing their facebook account without updating their info, so Facebook keeps sending the warnings to the old number.

        I don't think you'd have any luck explaining it to Facebook since it's a security measure. In fact, the former owner of your number is lucky you can't send short codes from that number, otherwise you'd be able to post messages to their facebook account, since your number is verified for their account.

        Republic wireless may be able to reset your underlying Sprint number, or they may have another solution. A support ticket will probably be your best bet.



        SouthpawKB, Optimus owner, not a republic wireless employee