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    State of the republic (v. 1, issue 11)

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      We just posted this week's State of the republic. Please leave your questions and comments here.

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          I read the blog and somehow still feel so very unfulfilled.

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              RW, you should be embarrassed by your conduct. Tiggs must have gone on vacation or quit. If she did, I could understand why. Where are the updates of information? Guessing Sarah must have had her hands tied or what was in the last State of the Republic information could have been released 6 days earlier and then an information blog could have been released. RW, did you think no one would hear about the message to some users about swapping out single band phones? Is all that has been accomplished this week is to add a button to ask questions. The questions have already been asked. We, the undecided, without very much RW leadership, have held on for  so long, with so little information, that our patience is wearing thin. If there are other people at RW that are in charge of something, please come forward. If you want to be a communications company, start communicating?


              What are the procedures and timelines for upgrading phones?

              When will the rest of us be able to getb a phone? It's been a year now.

              When will the "Store" open?

              When are you going to be "GA"?

              After GA and Store, then what happens?


              I have many more questions, but would appreciate someone, that is actually in charge of something at RW, to start talking? Questions don't go away just because Tiggs closes a discussion string? I am seeing the discussions get more and more heated. I admit I have been preturbed about the lack of answers. RW, where are you?

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                  I get that you are frustrated, but surely you realize that the answer to almost all of those questions is simply "it depends".  Motorola is certifying the dual-band phones, when will that be done?  It depends on Motorola.  What will be the timeline be for everything after that?  It surely depends on how things go.


                  I don't mean to be overly contentious, but there are so many of these posts demanding information that RW itself surely doesn't know yet, as if they owe us something merely for our interest.  Comments like "When will the rest of us be able to getb a phone? It's been a year now." may express frustration, but they don't help anything and are disingenuously negative -- the waves are all done, if you were in the beta, you could have a phone right now.  If by "the rest of us" you mean those of us who decided to wait for the next phone, then the answer is: when the next phone is available.  Which depends on Motorola.


                  It just seems like the negative voices are by far the loudest in these kinds of situations.  The dual-bands are in the lab.  That's about as much of an firm update as RW can give us.  Dedicating employees to answering forum questions won't move things along faster, it will just distract them from other work.

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                Thanks for the update again, as usual. I would still love to know if Republic Wireless plans to open waves again for the dual band once it is available, or sell to all prospective consumers at once. Look forward to buying one as soon as they are available =)

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                  The new Support Tab is a great improvement over the original.  You could add one thing to it. The Ask Us tab should be clearly identified as only available for current customers who already have a Republic Phone.  Other than that it is greatly improved.

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                    No offense to Sarah or RW, but why wouldn't you even mention the email that went out, or what's going on with the dual band Defy XT?


                    I'm trying very hard to be patient, but it seems like RW is intentionally keeping information from the general masses that is out there in some form to other users.


                    I expected your blog to give an overview of the dual band deployment plan, and give some of us that have been waiting quite some time something to go on.  I guess we'll just play it day by day.  Maybe I should stop checking these discussion pages so many times per day (as my wife already suggested) and just be surprised when I get my invite.  Wait, if I do that, I'll be among the dozens of people weekly who get a phone and have no idea about any of the problems, solutions, or general information that the good people that are part of these forums choose to post, answer, and give the rest of us some reassurance that RW is going to make it, and the product and services are working and useable.


                    Sorry if I'm ranting, and this isn't meant as a hostile email, I guess I'm just a little bit disappointed.

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                      Thanks Sarahd.  So what is the next phase of RW, now that the waves are closed, Dual band is iminent, and the OTA is about to descend upon us all?  I'm interested in knowing what you guys have up your sleeve?

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                        Dear anyone-who-wants-to-read-this,


                        i can only speak for myself. First...from my perspective RW totally rocks . Are there issues to be worked out? Of course. Is anything perfect? Not to my knowledge. I am not a tech geek although I wish I were. Fortunately for me a tech friend told me about RW and I jumped on it. After paying $140 monthly (and price increases with every upgrade) for a pretty shiny toy for which a "new and improved" model is released every few months...now with "retina-vision" (lol, seriously?) ... I thought, what do I have to lose by shelling out a little cash and paying $20 a month. If I didn't like it I wouldn't keep it.


                        As an O-waver my phone arrived last week. Unfortunately for me I had been too fearful to port my current number, unlike my tech friend who went cold turkey. I have used the "other" phone for so long I actually couldn't remember how to put in a battery. Then I sat and stared at it for a while and waited for it to talk to me. I didn't know what to do. Where were those really nice Stepford people who all dressed the same and always smiled and always did everything for me? The funniest part was getting my first call and I kept pushing the green phone button and it wouldn't let me answer. I started screaming at the phone, "I'M HERE I'M HERE" only to miss the call. Then I decided to read the instruction booklet. Ohhhhhh...SLIDE the green phone button. Problem solved. Then the next day I noticed the phone would ring once and go straight to voice mail. "Oh no my phone doesn't work" I thought. Then I realized my Internet had hiccuped and my router just needed to be rebooted. Problem solved.


                        This little phone is not the coolest or prettiest or most gadgeted out...but it's not the phone I'm subscribing to, it's the community. I have never heard of a company that says hey guys we found a glitch and we are working on it. And they actually ARE working on it.  And they fix it.


                        I have lots of other toys and I don't need a toy. I need a phone that does what RW does...provide a quality service at an amazing price. The really really cool part for me, is that I kinda feel like my input matters. How often can I say that?


                        I'm not going to disrespect anyone else's experience but my only thought is...if you don't like, don't buy it.  And by the way, if anyone has been bored enough to read this far... No I am not a secret employee of RW. I'm just a really happy guy who for the first time got to tell a REALLY big corporate phone company goodbye. And when they tried to keep me from leaving by first offering me discounts to stay and finally resorted to predictions of dire consequences by switching to RW, I again was able to say, goodbye...have a nice day.


                        LIfe is good.

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                          I'm locking this thread since we've released the new State of the republic update. Please enter your comments in the new discussion.