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Returning Product for Refund

Question asked by pulchritude on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by pulchritude

I am within the 30 day window for a full refund and am returning the product to accomplish 2 things; Get a dual band phone (the single band just didn't work reliably) and to get a different phone number (they would not give me another one). I was told this was the only way to get done what I want (return during the 1st 30 days).


I want to return all parts that came in the box shipped to me back to RW but I cannot remember what was sent (besides the phone, battery, cover and cable/ac adapter). Am I missing anything else? I left the chip or Simm or whatever it's called in the there a way I can clear the info such as photos & data/phone numbers, in one fell swoop?


Also, what do I need to do to re-activate my service & receive my dual band phone? Do I fill out a request form of some kind? If so, where would I find this application form? Do I just send someone from RW support or another department a request via email? Am I now last in line again?


To anticipate this question that may be posed to me, I DO NOT know how to find out "WHAT WAIVE I'M IN") but I can say that I got my phone on 11/5/12.


Thanks in advance for any help given.