From Virgin Mobile to RW - My Review

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Hello everybody, just thought I'd write this to tell you my thoughts about the phone and service so far.  I used to be with Virgin Mobile, had their old plan that was $25 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited everything else.  With tax I was paying $27 a month.  Now with RW, after taxes I'm paying about $24 (NY is a rip off).  So I'm saving 3 bucks a month.  YAY!  So I didn't switch for money issues, I switched to have unlimited everything with RW.


Got the phone yesterday.  Now I used to have a LG Optimus V with Virgin, they don't even sell it anymore haha.  Let's just say its a VERY basic Android phone.  So getting the Defy is actually quite the upgrade for me.  So if you're coming to RW from a Galaxy 3 or something like that, you'll probably hate life (:  Anyways, after a day or so playing around with the phone/service here are my pros and cons:



--Activation was quick, easy, and painless.  Once Tiggs gave the ok that activations were up and running again, I turned on the phone, it activated over the cell signal, updated the PRL list (whatever that is), and I was good to go.

--I have double the internal space.  Used to have 512MB, now it's 1GB (:  By the way, only around 400MB of that is usable

--Processor is faster, not lightning fast, or a dual core, but I definitely notice the speed difference

--Screen is higher resolution, everything looks crisper

--Call quality is great over Wifi.  I called my wife and it sounded just as good or even better than my calls over the cell signal.  We also have fast internet (30mbps) so any of you out there that have crappy call quality, that is probably your issue, slow, junky internet

--You can send/receive texts while wifi is turned on.  I thought, before I got the phone, that when wifi is on, it would disable the cell signal so only wifi activities could take place.  That almost made me not go with RW.  Well that's not true.  Wifi is on, my green arc is full green and the cell signal is still on as well.  So I can call over wifi and still text if needed over cell

--It has front and rear cameras, didn't have that before (:

--Texting worked great, sending and receiving

--The music player is slick, it shows who's listening to the same song you are around the world, has an internet radio built in, and uses SoundHound which can tell you what song is on just by listening to it through the phone's mic... pretty impressive.  It's worked so far for all the songs I tested it with.  And I listen to a bunch of bands that not very many people have heard of.  Pretty cool stuff.

--My 3G connection is faster than the one I had with Virgin.  No idea why since it's the same cell signal (Sprint).  Maybe Android 2.2 is worse than 2.3 in this aspect?  With Virgin I was getting around 100-200 kbps.  With RW I'm getting around 300-500 kbps which I'm ok with (:

--The slider button to put the phone in silence mode is right at the start up splash screen, so its easy/quick to put the phone on silent

--From the unlock screen you can drag right to unlock the phone or drag right to get to your camera.  So if you're kid is doing something cute/dangerous you can get to your camera phone quickly.

--You can do folders on your home screen

--Has a built in battery manager that allows you to use different profiles.  One that saves your battery, one that kinda does, and one that doesn't (:

--The built in Flashlight app uses the camera's flash and was actually pretty bright, I thought it was cool (:  Other flashlight apps just made the screen white, this one actually worked like a cheap flashlight (;

--Has a FM radio (see cons on this as well)

--Has a built in media server app, haven't used it, but that could be cool

--Battery isn't too bad.  Just keep 3G off, when you're not using it (we should be doing that anyway).  Yesterday my battery was at 100%, I used the phone here and there and over 25 hours later it was at 40 something percent.  So you could get around 2 days or so of life if you don't used it like a psycho

--Yahoo and Gmail profiles loaded without having to do anything more.  When I tried to hook my Yahoo mail to my Virgin Optimus, I had to find the POP and SMTP settings.  It was a nightmare finding the EXACT right settings and took a while to figure out.  With the Defy, I just put in my Yahoo and Gmail accounts and passwords and BAM, up and running.  Was pleasantly surprised when it just worked.

--Comes with a buttload of preinstalled ringtones (bollywood baby!! haha)

--Charges pretty dang quick




--Battery percentage is only shown in multiples of 10, I know I know, not a big deal but I like to know exactly where the battery is at, not that it's at 50, 60, or 20, I want to see 22, 54, or 68, ya know?

--Batter charger input is on the side... It was on the bottom before, probably just something I'll need to get used to

--The USB and Headphone covers are annoying and not that easy to get in

--Stupid apps that you can't get rid of like quick office, facebook, etc.

--I miss the actual physical home, options, search, back buttons.  Not a fan of the touch ones on the bottom of the phone.

--It's annoying to get to the sd card slot.  It's right above the battery and you have to take the back off to get to it.  With the Optimus you just put it in on the side.

--Can only use FM radio with headphones plugged in.... don't understand that...

--Can't tether.  For obvious reasons we can't with RW, but my optimus with Virgin could and it was awesome!

--Makes an annoying sound when you turn it off and boot it up.  Yes, I know this is a lame and picky complaint, but I had to throw it in there (:



Anyways, that's it for now.  If I think of any more I'll add them later.  All I can say is guys, we are getting one freaking amazing deal.  Waiting to get the phone was rough/annoying and RW could of handled the situations and issues that came up with a bit more clarity but holy crap, I think this phone is awesome, the whole concept of hybrid calling is incredible, and here we are reaping the benefits each month on the phone bill.  I am more than satisfied, I'll be moving my wife over in the next few months and I will be telling all my friends and family about this.  I'm sick of Verizon and AT&T ripping people off and they really should be ashamed and embarrassed for doing it.  Thank you so much RW for this service and the brilliant minds you have behind all of this.  Keep it up and PLEASE don't go out of business (;