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Error updating PRL

Question asked by billg on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by billg

Earlier this week I learned that my PRL 40450 was out of date.  Took a trip today and stopped with 5 bars on a native Sprint tower and tried to update it.  Got an error message telling me to contact my vendor.  Error might have been 5306, not sure and I didn't have a pencil.


Cycled power on the phone and tried again.  This time, and again on the return trip, I got a message telling me no updates were available.  The PRL is still 40450.


On the trip, where I normally roam reliably on Verizon, phone switched from several bars to no bars.  Attempts to call out were unsuccessful.  Several incoming calls relating to a family emergency were unsuccessful.


At my destination I returned calls using WiFi and it was nice being able to do that.


What's with the PRL?  Is mine now corrupt?  If I need 40452 why is it telling me no updates are available?


Sprint tower I was communicating with is located in Detroit Lakes, MN.