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    Error updating PRL

    billg 5 Bar

      Earlier this week I learned that my PRL 40450 was out of date.  Took a trip today and stopped with 5 bars on a native Sprint tower and tried to update it.  Got an error message telling me to contact my vendor.  Error might have been 5306, not sure and I didn't have a pencil.


      Cycled power on the phone and tried again.  This time, and again on the return trip, I got a message telling me no updates were available.  The PRL is still 40450.


      On the trip, where I normally roam reliably on Verizon, phone switched from several bars to no bars.  Attempts to call out were unsuccessful.  Several incoming calls relating to a family emergency were unsuccessful.


      At my destination I returned calls using WiFi and it was nice being able to do that.


      What's with the PRL?  Is mine now corrupt?  If I need 40452 why is it telling me no updates are available?


      Sprint tower I was communicating with is located in Detroit Lakes, MN.

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          billmeek 5 Bar

          While in the Sprint service area you may need to enter into the dialpad ##72786#


          I'd submit a support ticket first and verify that's what the Republic Wireless techs suggest.

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            billg 5 Bar

            Took billmeeks advice, opened ticket, and ended up having to drive 10 miles to a Sprint tower and do two consecutive resets using ##786# and a code number.  First reset ended with old PRL and phone not provisioned.  Second reset produced an "error 6305, contact vendor" error during the PRL update segment but ended with the latest PRL and the phone provisioned.


            Phone seems to be roaming OK now.  Hope I don't have to go through this every time the PRL is updated. I'm getting tired of having to set the phone up over and over again.