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    Share the Love and Win!

    sarahd 4 Bar



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          macemoneta 3 Bar

          A good ruggedized phone, $19/mo unlimited, unthrottled, uncapped service and online support. What's not to love?

          My precious...

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            battierpeeler 4 Bar
            • we went from 120 a month to 75 (it would be cheaper if our other son moved to republic too but there was a 2 phone limit then and we needed to get him something else)
            • durable phone. we have never lost a phone to water damage but seeing other people test it like that and it passing that test is great.
            • we only ever use facebook on cell data. all the other times, we are at home, work, or school; all of which have wifi.
            • it's a smartphone! so many uses. it's a computer in the pocket at all times.
            • it's nice being able to call over wifi. it's GREAT being able to text over it. a lot of our friends have houses with no bars and with the update, it's having a full-functioning phone at all times. you don't even have to ask. OF COURSE we ask for wifi info everywhere we go


            unrelated but it would be nice to see our actual usage instead of % usage of wifi to cell.

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              creativerachel 3 Bar


              My cell phone is my business phone. Previously I was using a pre-paid and trying to limit my time on the phone. But business is growing and so was my cell phone bill. Now I don't have to worry about how long my customer's talk. I'm around wi-fi during almost all of my minutes/sms/data usage, so I make Republic Wireless happy and I'm happy too! Who wants cake?

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                sarahd 4 Bar

                creativerachel, we loved your pic! Now, can you bake us a cake, please? You win 6 months of free service. You don't have to do anything --we'll credit your account. Keep the love coming! We love to hear from all of you.

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                  creativerachel 3 Bar

                  Awesome! Thanks so much!! I seriously would bake you a cake if you would have someone come pick it up from Ohio!

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                    billg 5 Bar

                    I love my phone because this retired, snowbound nerd is always looking for an electronic toy to test.  Picture of insignificant other attached:


                    Dubya Roomba.jpg

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                      paulp 2 Bar

                      Mon & Dad 002.JPGI love my Republic wireless with money I save I can visit my parents more often It's a win, win for me.

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                        paulp 2 Bar

                        The link you posted does not seem to work http://bit.ly/14Ih5Qs what do we do?

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                          mfklinux 2 Bar

                          Same problem here.



                          "JIVE Oops! Page cannot be found" 

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                            fiddlernero 3 Bar

                            My wife and I now pay less for both of us than we were paying Verizon for a single line with 450 minutes and 250 text messages!  Who wouldn't love that?!

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                              creativerachel 3 Bar

                              I noticed on facebook that you picked a winner today, the guy with the cute cartoon. So I guess that at least today you are picking two winners? That makes both Jeff Jameson and myself plenty happy!

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                                dls73154 2 Bar

                                I am a stay at home techie type of dad to a beautiful two and a half year old little girl.  Well, as techie as I can be and also be a good playmate and horsey to my little princess.  I am also the type that is always looking for ways to save.  We dropped our land line, cable TV service and changed to MagicJack, Netflix, Hulu free and OTA HD signals.  What can I say, we are frugal.  I don’t spend a lot of time on the phone but when I need to make a call I am glad I have a cell phone.  The big cell service companies have put a bad taste in our mouth with their high price service.  We felt like we were being taken to the bank every month when the bill showed up in the mailbox because we didn’t use the phones often and the plans offered don’t accommodate folks like us.  If we could have sold our unused minutes back at the end of the month we wouldn’t have felt so taken advantage of.  When we canceled our high priced cell service my wife went with StraightTalk bring your own phone unlimited plan and I went without.  Soon after, I read an article about RePublic Wireless in PC World and I said to myself this is just what I was looking for in a cell phone company, low monthly service rate and a company that does their best to give their customers what they want.  The wait for my dual band DefyXT was well worth it.  Thanks RW for your "outside the box" and well over due cell phone over WiFi service.  Love my RW cell phone and the monthly service charge can’t be beat!!!

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                                  big 3 Bar


                                  $20 a month. Nuff said.

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                                    art 2 Bar

                                    It's unbeatable!

                                    like many a smart phone was just not a practical expense that could be justified. RW has opened up a smart phone revolution that will allow more and more to enjoy the use of a smart phone, for less than a typical dumb cell phone.


                                    Way to go keep up the good work and get the word out about RW

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