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        art 2 Bar

        Sweet! RW rules

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          tinaj 2 Bar

          What can I say, my last phone cost me $149 per month..... same as a boat payment.

          Republic..... 2 phones for $40.......same as taking my husband out for lunch

          Love it, love it, love it! Come on, you know you want to feel the love too!

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            storey1220 2 Bar

            Funny thing happened today....my friend was showing me his new phone when I showed him my Defy. It was funny to watch his jaw drop as I explained to him how the hybrid technology works. Funnier still as I told him the price!!! Just sharing the Love.....:)

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              martyus7 2 Bar

              I am writing not to win a prize but to express my jubilation over finding something I believe in. I have used free email before email was popular. I hate paying too much for anything and love a REAL deal.

              I constantly was on the watch for the lowest priced cell service and even found one for $10.00 dollars a month BUT the catch was that included no phone minutes or web service. "What a deal".

              I watched Republic till this newest offering. and realized i could not wait any longer. With CDMA service phone webb and messaging, all for $19.00 a month and a very good phone to boot.....

              I now feel like an unauthorized sales person for Republic Wireless. Everyone I meet I tell about this great service and phone.

              I have converted my brother the doctor and his wife and he is spreading the word too.


              and this phone i believe in so strongly i just want to GIVE THEM AWAY to every one I meet.

              but since i can't afford that I will just keep telling everyone about it.

              Thanks Republic wireless.

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                stay_thirsty 3 Bar


                Republic Wireless is SWEET!     Great value & service = Love in the air 


                Near, far, wherever you are

                I believe that the heart does go on

                Once more you open the door

                And you're here in my heart

                And my heart will go on and on

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                  paulp 2 Bar


                  Motorola Deft XT, Republic Wireless, twenty dollars a month how can you not love it?

                  Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                    rokphish 3 Bar

                    So far I'm well satisfied with Republic Wireless and my Defy XT557 ... the service & phone are pretty much what I expected. I particularly like the PRICE. Twenty bucks a month is about what I was paying for my Vonage service & with the RW service I get that & much more. I've since cancelled my Vonage service ... no more tied to "at home only" for what is essentially VOIP service.


                    I consider the phone & the RW service a huge upgrade from what I WAS using ... for essentially the same price.



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                      1 Bar

                      iphone = $60 a month  rw = $20 a month  therefore:


                      rw greater than apple.jpg

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                        Republic Wireless: A Love Poem


                        At $19 a month

                        this plan is a steal

                        For the way that I move

                        and the way that I feel.

                        Text, talk and data are bundled together

                        and no monthly contract to be tied down forever.

                        The phone's ruggedized

                        and not compromised.

                        About Republic Wireless I'll speak my voice

                        you can guarantee I'm a consumer of choice.

                        This marriage of phone and plan are just so fine

                        making freedom in true love both attainable and divine.

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                          sarahd 4 Bar

                          bobert88 - we couldn't have said it better ourselves! You win 6 months of free service. Thanks for the glowing review and for being a Republic Wireless fan!


                          tinaj - we're selecting one winner a day but it's possible we could select "older" entries. Anything that's out here is fair game for the length of the contest, which runs through 2/20.


                          Thanks for all the entries and all the LOVE!

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                            tinaj 2 Bar

                            We already pay for WiFi, why not use it to reduce the cost of your phone service? I was with another company where the bill was $149 for two phones, then there were more charges that kept cropping up. They lured us in at first with student discounts, that later they simply dropped. Then they dropped me because they said I roamed too much (however, when I signed up they said unlimited roaming). I wasn't trying to abuse anything....they simply didn't have any towers in my area. The day before they dropped me, they called to say they could send me a mini-tower to have in my home. So much simpler with Republic. No hidden charges, no confusing discounts, just a great and amazing service. I love Republic!

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                              1 Bar

                              & thank you for this awesome service, go Republic Wireless!

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                                big 3 Bar

                                WHO wouldn't love Republic Wireless?


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                                  carys 1 Bar

                                  Republic is the best bang for the buck available.  I went from paying AT&T over $100 a month for 2 phones to $46 a month with Republic.  I pay less and get a lot more with Republic!!!!!

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                                    dionysus 1 Bar

                                    I've been with Repubic since Beta and love it!


                                    The Optimus was optimal, but it is now an Optimus-Prime gaming computer to my Transformers-loving 5 year old son.


                                    It is even better being DEFYant, and I plan to teach my wife some DEFYance soon.


                                    Winning some freebies would certainly help defray the cost.

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