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Feeling like I'm being lined up to be priced gouged.   I cannot afford a new phone, and I simply want 1GB data so I can keep home internet off. I can no longer afford that either    Your Chat line person treated me like I am an idiot asking what do you want, more cell data or a new phone? Then tell me I cannot get more cell data
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I have 2 phones under my account.  I recently purchased a moto g4 plus to replace my moto g.  However when I purchases the new phone there was no option for me to set the new phone as a replacement,  I was hoping I will still be able to transfer my old number from the moto g to the new g4 plus when I receive the phone?
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Help...Trying to port my phone # from RW to Page Plus celluar..gave them all the info yesterday and today still no service. The people at Page Plus celluar told me that they gave all the correct information to RW. after not being ported since yesterday they said RW said I with another carrier call Bandwith ??? i dont understand. Somebody help me